Check out the video on the homepage and listen to the what the bird on the Bikini Bulletin has to say. The one from earlier seems to be gone but its always jammed packed with innuendo, e.g. “The player will be kept out of both legs, not my legs but the Uefa cup last 16 tie.” Im lovin it. hi5

The new bikini bulletin is up. Dirty liitle skank on it, talking about “doggy” and the likes.

I don’t allow myself to look at that site as I detest all their columnists.

Tell me more about this bikini though flano and I might reconsider.

Basically they get some dolly bird to give some light hearted news about football, loaded with sexual innuendo. Its funny more than anything else

Filthier and filthier this gets. Today the young Devotchka tells us she “Gives great head massages especially when they’re red and swollen”

We are then informed “The liverpool boys are ready to shoot and we’re sure to have a thrilling climax to this one”

Well thats your Bikini bulletin filth for today. Until tomorrow then hi5

Just to think I missed you watching that today. ;D

Nothing to report from yesterday. They seemed to tone down the filth. Hopefully they’ll be back on form today. Until lunchtime then.


The bird today apparently is an expert on groin injuries, she’s also says she has “always got her brazilian in check”. A bit on the tame side today. Until tomorrow, lets hope for a good friday of smut

Back for a wonderful friday of smut
“Steve Bruces side will be on top of there opponents, my favourite position, a bit of domination never did anyone any harm”

Until Monday then hi5…

Little minx up to her usual filth today

“The blues came from behind twice which I find impressive” :smoke:

Flano, you do realise that’s probably written by some dirty, auld fella, don’t you?

Man, of couse I know that. Im just waiting for some of my suggestions to appear on it. :smoke:

What’s going on in your avatar flano?

Well its from Boston Legal obviously. Its when Denny and Alan wake up in the same bed. Alan had got scared the night before and got in beside him, Denny being homophobic was not impressed.

Mainly for Flano but at the start of todays bikini bulletin she goes its the last one ever. Its not fair. >:o

It’s a sad day in the world of football.

RIP Bikini Bulletins. Lunch wont be the same without you. :’(