FA Cup 2016

Wycombe 1-1 Aston Villa. '75. Live on BT Sport 2.

Lovely equaliser there from Campbell from Arsenal.

Schweinsteiger wearing gloves ffs. What a wanker.


Connor Sammon look’s a far better player then Fellaini.

The Sammon of College :clap:

Bullshit… never a peno

Ridiculous challenge from Hammond on Depay.

Penalty United.

Horrible diving cunt
Fuck soccer, fuck manchester utd

No surprise that came about after Sammon went off. The utter heartbeat of any team he’s involved in.


Some finish! (I know its the wrong thread)

Hon ta fuck Leicester, sew it into those horrible north London cunts.

1-2 up against the yids at WHL.

Good game this is.

Potecchino went to take a piss, FFS

Goal machine Harry Kane with a late equaliser from the spot after a blatant hand ball by the Nathan Dyer.

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2-2, cunts got a flukey peno

Go away you WUM

Horrible call.

Probably a peno by the letter of the law, but unlucky.

Should have been a red for Benteleb there