FA Cup Final 2022

Big Rom is some unit nowadays.

Should have capitalised in the first 15 mins when The Noodle had Reece James under severe pressure.

Remember Liverpool fans on here were suggesting he’s better than dani alves :rofl:

The size of Lukaku.

Jermaine Jenas Is an idiot.

This game will go to extra time.

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The uselessness of Keita. I know there’s an agenda here but the chap/chump is a fucking dud.

That was an excellent pass down the line to Jota earlier, although Jota at that stage wasn’t on yet.


He saw his name in lights with that rebound after Mendy thwarted Diaz.

3 Champions League finals at 23 suggests he’s far better

Remember Red Devils fans said Wan Bissaka was better

Penalties nailed on
It’s like the league cup

One goal will win it

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He must do a lot of work off the ball cos on it he’s been poor again.

Naby is one of those lads you only appreciate if you’ve played alongside him I’d say.

Easy see the lads who only played junior c GAA when their aul lads were at the maternity hospital

Decent contest. Chelsea, like villa the other night, causing problems on the break. Liverpool will slowly tire here.

Chelsea can’t get out of their own half. They’ll probably score now to spite me.



Robbo off the post. Constant Liverpool pressure.

Alexander Arnold has been imperious.

Craig Dias is no Norman Whiteside.

All half chances. Chelsea defence has been resolute.