FA Cup Final 2022

Two recent World Champions go toe to toe in the most storied cup of them all

I’ve just realised I’ve been humming “Abide with me” all day


FA Cup rewind on the BBC right now. Liverpool v Everton from 1986.

Some atmosphere in London all morning cc @Tassotti Proper All Ireland Final stuff. Police on Horses and everything.

Just passed through Baker Street there and its the Chelsea boys making all the noise.

I think they’ll do it today.

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Liverpool looked dead Tuesday… big ask today.

We’re going to batter the c#nts. :ronnyroar:

The greatest final in world sport


Is there traffic congestion or something causing a delayed kick off? It’s now approaching 3.45 and the FA Challenge Cup Final still hasn’t kicked off.

Around Ratoath?

@The_Selfish_Giant has arrived on a Penny Farthing in the 2022-23 kit. He’s in the car park now getting the bumps.

I hope that hipster Tuchel has smartened up since last year. Coming out in a tracksuit to meet the Duke of Cambridge on Cup Final day. I never saw the like.

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Chelsea unnecessarily playing in yellow is a savage insult to the prestige of the occasion.

Salah out of the CL final

The energy sapping Wembley turf is taking a toll on our players.

Alisson down first and now Salah.

And Salah departs.

Salah down

Liverpool fans inhale deeply

Salah inhales deeper

At least we have Jota to bring on these days when Salah picks up an injury. Dom Solanke wasn’t far from getting game in the 2018 Champions League final.

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Be some craic if Liverpool went from bettering the great united side of 99 to winning the same as Sheffield Wednesday in 1991

They made us dream.

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Not much wrong with salah I’d say.

Is Terence Trent Darby playing in central midfield a tactic or is the chap just getting lost?