Fabio Capello

Assuming Don Howe doesn’t step in with a last gasp deal to persuade Capello that his future would be best served with the FAI it looks like this lad is off to manage England.

I remember when they looked like they were getting Scolari I wasn’t too happy because that guy knows how to get the most out of international teams. He won a World Cup with Brazil obviously but he has also done remarkably well with a Portugese side that don’t have a striker.

Capello I’d be less convinced about as an international manager. Mark Hateley has been bigging him up in the media but I think he’s just trying desperately to remind everyone that he played in Italy.

I’m not suggesting he’s Stan but his record isn’t amazing. One Champions League isn’t a brilliant return from time spent with Milan, Juventus, Roma and Real Madrid. Obviously he has done well domestically but I think he’s given a bit too much credit for the league title last year for example when it was handed to him by Barcelona.

He’s certainly not a populist and England could do with someone who doesn’t pander to their stars, but while he’s certainly a very good manager I don’t think he’ll be as successful with them as Scolari would have been for example.

International managers are hard to call. Generally most of them will have come from club sides so it is hard to know what they’ll be like managing a country. I would agree to a certain extent re Capello. Mind you the eyar they won the European Cup was the finest performance I ever saw from a team when they blew Barcelona off the pitch without their first choice centre half pairing against the two best strikers in the world at the time in Stoichkov and Romario. He got Milan to the final in 1993 and 1995 as well which counts for something I suppose.

He did well with Madrid in his first spell there - won the league with them for the first time in years. (Valdano won one with them I think just before that - I stand corrected). He didn’t do much with Milan when he went back again. Roma were a good side and he won the league with them. The performance with Juventus and Madrid again was reasonable.

I don’t know is the answer. I agree re Scolari. A very good proven international manager. There are not many of those around.

Ah yeah by no means am I saying that he’ll be shit or anything and he’s certainly one of the top managers in the game. He should have won more European Cups though but it’s not a huge criticism.

The point I suppose is what you’ve said in your last paragraph. Scolari would be virtually guaranteed to improve England. They’d nearly be ideal together. Capello could win a World Cup with them or he could fail. I’d have a few more doubts about him as an international manager.

I don’t really care how he does given the irrelevance of international football but I think winning Serie A with Roma is his greatest achievement. That was outstanding.

Braking news on Sky:

Capello under investigation for tax fraud.

This is funny.

Ab Fab (I made that up myself there) got off to a winning start. I didn’t see any of the game but I turned over to Sky there in time to hear Keys, Wilkins and Hoddle discuss the new firm disciplinary system he’s introduced. Apparently the players can’t be late for dinner any more amongst other things or they’ll experience his wrath:

Hoddle: ‘It’s great. If you’re late for dinner then you’ll probably be late in picking up at corners. And these things cost you. Especially in big games.’

Wilkins: ‘Very much so Glenn. And he’s also insisting the players wear team tracksuit bottoms with training shoes in the hotel rather than shorts and flip flops. Looking and acting more professionally often ensures you play in a more professional manner and I agree thoroughly with what he’s doing.’

Keys: ‘Positive signs on and off the park so far then gentlemen.’

Didn’t know where to post this but just had a look at the current England squad and it is shockingly poor…some very average players in it…

Goalkeepers: David James, Ben Foster, Robert Green.

Defenders: Joleon Lescott, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines, Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Ledley King, John Terry, Matthew Upson.

Midfielders: Gareth Barry, David Beckham, Stewart Downing, Michael Carrick, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Strikers: Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey, Peter Crouch, Carlton Cole

Up front is their real problem. Rooney obviously but he is not an out and out striker.

I was going to set up an ‘Other International Football Fixtures’ thread but feel free to work away here in terms of England anyway, Puke.

Good pragmatic call Bandage. That’s the sort of low-key but visible moderation that makes you such a valuable part of my admin team.

In response to Farmer’s relevant ish point, Gerrard plays as a forward these days. Problem is its the same position that Rooney is best suited to.

Ashley Young should easily be in the starting team never mind the squad. I’d love to know what Capello sees in Downing or SWP. Both are proven failures when the pressure is on. Good to see Lennon back in favour, Bandage and myself had a bit of a disagreement about him earlier in the season.

Individually there are some average players in that squad but Italy won the last World Cup without too many outstanding players.

How is it good that some randomer’s back in the England squad? I thought The Guardian’s reaction to Lennon signing a new contract on Friday was pretty apt:

“Aaron Lennon will be skinning defenders and then providing almost zero
end product at Spurs for the next five years after agreeing a new

[quote=“Bandage”]How is it good that some randomer’s back in the England squad? I thought The Guardian’s reaction to Lennon signing a new contract on Friday was pretty apt:

“Aaron Lennon will be skinning defenders and then providing almost zero
end product at Spurs for the next five years after agreeing a new

Bandage, surely its always good when England resort to picking useless cunts to play football for them.

Great news about Lennon i thought myself, the Heskey inclusion nearly tipped me over the edge.