Faces You'd Love to Smack


thats a bullshit story if i ever heard one kid.
you just so happen to have the best friend a man could have, a small bespectacled English weakling with a target marked on his forehead, who just so happened to have a dear old mother who needed walking into the shops who just happened to trip over the bike of john bishops son and it just so happened john bishop himself was there beside the bike that blocked the doorway that the old lady tripped over. this made up event just so happened before bishop became famous and it just so happened your ‘pal’ god help him has beautiful manners and a wonderful command of spoken english in times of such strife.


That’s the one. The first year he made it he got plenty of stick from the lads - “waste of good whiskey” (it was cheap whiskey, just like Hugh recommended), “it’ll taste disgusting”, “wouldn’t give it to the dog”, etc., etc. The same lads were queuing up for a drop come Christmas time when the bottle got cracked. It was absolutely beautiful.


Speak for yourself


Why didn’t u just say u don’t believe him? Lot of unwarranted aggression there. Bit like John Bishop. For what it’s worth Flatty, I believe you.


I’m playing this yarn over in my head. The bespectacled English chap has a lisp, a balding head and a slicked down combover. The mother is all dressed in black, is wearing a black hat with netting and has a walking stick.


@Fagan_ODowd has provided pretty much the very recipe that was used.

There’s a River Cottage recipe for blackberry wine that I’ve been meaning to try. Again, patience is a massive part of the process, so I’ve been putting that on the long finger.


what i dont like about this @flattythehurdler is how he only tells half the story, as he couldnt be bothered to tell how adam johnson was sitting in his range rover out the back lane behind the shop with a young wan


Nope true.
Edited as his ma is a thick oul beatch.


Adam Johnson was in cafe Nero with his father in law. Keep up.
Well I have no idea whether it was his father in law, but it looked like it might be.


I think I missed this one.


Celeb spot. A while back.


If I had a choice to punch one person in the face it’d be that smarmy bastard Michael Buble. I’ve despised him since the first moment I set eyes on him, and then he had to open his mouth and sing. I can’t abide by him I have to turn over or walk out of the room if he’s on.


That’s a lovely photo of him. V flattering, well chosen.


Horrible post.no need for it.[quote=“Bandage, post:514, topic:9798, full:true”]

I can understand why it appeals to your taste.


@flattythehurdler does not lie.


A horrible cunt. I’d burn his records if I had any.


There’s always greater and lesser then you pal.

He’s not in any way offensive…humorous I’d say.




You know what I meant…

Michel Buble is a nice fella.


I’ve posted that he has a face that I’d love to smack. I’m not asking for permission if its ok to want to punch the guy. Why comment on it? Are you going to comment on the 400 other faces people would love to smack here? You can tell us you want to punch the pope for all I care and I’m not going to come on saying “Oh steady on, the pope is alright.” I’d not comment.