FAI Soccer Awards


Deary Deary me.



The FAI didn’t wish to damage the integrity of the awards by changing it

The fucking FAI and integrity :smile:


That’s some snide dig at Ricey by the FAI. Legends…


I hope he sends a video message


I’d say he will get over it and won’t bear a grudge .


He wont open his mouth — how could you… great wummery all round.


I hope James McClean charges the stage during it


He’s now won U17, U19 and Young Player Awards. Do you reckon he’ll complete the set?


Harry Kane from Letterfrack will surely win the senior player award.


Cringe. Like a lad being dumped by a girl and showing up for a date a week later.


Taking the high road


Mick McCarthy on Declan Rice’s Young Player of the Year

“No, I wouldn’t have given it to him. And if they couldn’t give it to anybody else because he won it, don’t give it to anybody. Chuck it in the Liffey!


Mick isn’t taking the ‘FAI high road’