FAI Soccer Awards


Didn’t actually watch this obviously but two comical awards:

  1. Kilbane got goal of the season
  2. Bobby Robson got the International Personality of the Year award or whatever they call it.

For fuck’s sake - the FAI’s own employee gets the international award. Shower of gobshites.


Is it just me or has everyone else lost complete faith in the Irish football team?


I’ve long since lost faith. It’s hard to have ambition when the manager and his employers have none.


Agree Farmer. Have lost complete faith/interest in the whole thing. Just think Stan is a complete gobshite. The whole thing is depressing.


It was cracking altogether. I was wondering what all the players with their ‘bling’ and cool personas made of a drunken old bastard warbling away accompanied by Sharon Shannon and the other bird whose name escapes me.

Re the Kilbane goal winning the award; did you see the other nominations?! One was a tap in header by Robbie Keane against San Marino and the other was Miller’s long range effort against the Swedes. Given Killer’s goal was in a competitive game I think it was a fair enough call actually. It just shows you the dearth of goals we scored last year though!

On the team; totally lost faith too. Can’t believe the difference in less than a year. I remember being positively delighted after that Swedish friendly. We’d actually shown tactical imagination by playing 4-2-3-1, Doyle made his debut, Joey O’Brien too, Keane scored in his first game as captain, Stevie Ireland had a nice little cameo and as starts go it couldn’t have been much better.

Even the good news stories like the 3lads at Reading and Stokes banging in the goals haven’t lifted my spirits. Losing 5 goals to Cyprus is absolutely criminal no matter how you try to dress it up. That’s why I was relatively pleased with the Czech game 4 days later because I didn’t think they’d be able to raise themselves from the complete depths of Cyprus.

That said someone asked me was I up for going to the away double header in Czech Republic/Slovakia in September and I simply don’t have the interest.


Nominees for this years FAI International Awards. Safe to assume the winners will be those in bold.

Senior International Player Of The Year
Robbie Brady
Jonathan Walters
Wes Hoolahan

Young Player Of The Year
Cyrus Christie
Jeff Hendrick
Robbie Brady

Goal Of The Year
Robbie Brady’s strike through the fog against Bosnia
Jonathan Walters’ strike against Georgia
Shane Long’s goal against Germany


I see Jeff Hendrick was a naughty boy.


Go on…


Broke a lad’s jaw outside a nightclub after the Germany game.


High jinks


Is this not an old case from well before that?


Oh is it?

I read an Ireland Germany game and assumed it was after the recent game.


I could be wrong. I thought this case was first mentioned in court ages ago but maybe ages ago to me was late last year.


You’re probably right, pal.


What’s the story with Irish footballers and prolonged assault cases. Stokes case still hasn’t came to a conclusion as far as I know.


Think the main prosecution witness has been all shook up.


Declan Rice has won FAI Young Player of the Year :smile:



he’d want to have plumbs the size of church bells to collect it


That’s top class from the awarding committee … top, fucking, class.


Surprisingly enough he won’t be in Dublin to collect it :smile: