Failing upwards

A chance to list examples of people failing upwards.

Frank De Boer.

85 days at Inter Milan, leaving them in 12th place in Serie A.

77 days at Crystal Palace. Four league matches, four defeats, no goals. “The worst manager in the history of the Premier League”, said Jose Mourinho.

Frank then stumbled into the hot seat at reigning MLS Champions Atlanta United, and promptly made them ex-champions.

Frank, undeterred, failed upwards into the job of Netherlands Senior Men’s National Team manager.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. You can hardly fail any worse than Frank continually does, anyway.


And imagine how much money he made out of each of those failures.

I know a guy who was a pretty scandalous CMO and made a lot of errors and now has an enormous say on if, and how, just about every business in the state can trade


There was some lad working as a cable technician for eircom. He ended up running a third world health system in some banana Republic


There was a guy who went bankrupt running casinos - very hard to do - and ran for President of the United States. His opponent got nearly three million more votes than him. Yet this guy still “won”.


Is that the same fella everyone in ireland hated, cheered on the real winner as one of us and now the good guy is fucking us by demanding a global corporation tax? The basis of our money laundering economy

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90% of the Civil & Public Service.


Meehole Martin

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Phil Neville.

Resigned after taking England women nowhere and promptly walks into the job at Inter Miami presumably just because he’s Beckham’s mate


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Joe and his predecessors gave us plenty of leeway but we took the piss. Paddy legalised corporate tax evasion forcing them to step in.

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any of RTE “talent”


Shane Ross.

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He won three championships with Ajax before Inter Milan. I am not saying he’s Valeriy Lobanovskyi but it is worth including.

id imagine must public sector management positions would encompass a lot “failing upwards”…

*I have no data to base this rather sweeping assumption on , merely via observation

oh i see @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr got there before me

looks like some lad from cobh has fallen up in north kildare :smiley:

via Isreal

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My only issue is that the likes of fb, Google and apple paid fuck all for years. If they actually paid the 12.5% it wouldn’t look too bad. We could at least say yes we are low tax but everything is above board. Which its not for a small few massively profitable MNC

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Great thread.

Simon Harris