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Fine job lad…also doubles as teach an madra


Yes… That thought had crossed my mind already.

Shed in the shed

And he trying to get @Lockes missus in for a gawk. Shnakey fucker


No fear. Mrs Locke has a strict Vietnamese policy for all of that.

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A ho chi minh trail?


I thought that was his house.

Couldn’t be his house, no wheels


Does he not live at the bottom of Mrs Murphy’s garden?

Only saw this ,should have called,I’ve ladders

I’ll be onto you as I have only a half job done on them. Need to clean out the back gutters too.

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It’s important to keep the back gutters clean of scutter.


Anytime U want them they’re here, young fella passed his driving test today,hes relieving me if my car so until I’m sorted with another I won’t be able to move the ladders,but as I say they’re available


Taps lads. What’s the deal? Prices range from 30quid to 200 for the same looking tap. What should i be looking for…? Thanks in advance
Cc @FatChops @habanerocat anyone else

Heres what im looking at

I don’t know. I’d just hope you’ll get what you pay for.

If you use it a lot and intend staying in the house. A sink and tap is probably something the wife, I’ll blame her, wouldn’t change just for the sake of it.

I forked out the big bucks recently for the downstairs sink. They should see me down.

Got good ones a few years ago for the upstairs bathroom. The chrome is already corroding off them.

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I go to Screwfix for a lot of stuff but I don’t know if I’d go there for taps to be honest. Ask your plumber.

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Go into your local plumber’s merchant and don’t make eye contact with anyone. Look at the taps, big scowl on your face, and ignore the first offer of service if it comes. Report back.

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:rofl: :rofl: :clap:

That’s the sort of task I’m perfect for!

Almost all kitchen taps these days are the same mixer design, some have the hose detachment which I find useful. The quality is what you’ll pay for. Gröhe are top of the line, German precision. Start there and look down. Might find something for sale online. Avoid Screwfix. Pure. Scutter.