Fantasy Football (American)

Hello… I’d like to start formalizing div.3 over the next couple of months so we are ready to rock in August. Interested parties please sign in. Also, those of you how who had mates interested get them signed up.

@Bad Winner once It’s up and running I’ll be handing the keys over to you.


Are you back in the Segunda, mate?

I retained my top flight status mate. Can’t remember who got relegated.

@artfoley[/USER] [USER=2272]@TheUlteriorMotive[/USER] [USER=183]@Sidney[/USER] [USER=2812]@Chucks Nwoko are all candidates for expansion .

@Tim Riggins



Can’t recall either, mate.


Should pass our Friday, Monday and Tuesday chucks. Only need to find something to gamble on Wednesday and Thursday and we’re sorted

Ah lovely, this is taking shape nicely :clap:

@Clixby Bream[/USER] - your time is now… [USER=1168]@Jimmy Mc Nulty , can you sort this fella out?

What are you calling the third tier @ChocolateMice?

Not sure, pal… I think we all should have a say in it… any suggestions?

Tercera?, The Conference?, Junior B?, 5B?,


That’ll do it.

Hang on now