Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 15

Potential transfer targets for fantasy managers

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Skint, i have already bought Cahill for Fab this week (last night), but i’m really thinking i should get it on Rooney now, should i sacrifice the 4 points. I had a decent last 2 weeks and i’m back in the hunt for my leagues, so decisions from now till the end of the transfer window are vital. Any help appreciated.

Note: i have coin in the bank, Elmander, Carroll & Hernandez can all go for Rooney, but Chico is the obvious choice there.

I’d def flog Chico mate. He’ll most likely be bit part again now that Rooney is back. Best of luck for the wk end.

Skint, should we ask you fantasy questions on this thread or over on your blog itself mate?

Any advice regarding goalscoring defenders? I’m trying to find a defender that takes a penalty and/or strikes freekicks regularly.

Alex is due back for Chelsea soon, he’s an all rounder.

Ask away anywhere mate here or the blog and I’ll do my best to get in touch. Baines takes free kicks for Everton and occasionally penalties. Afraid I don’t know of any defenders that take penalties full time.
Hope this helps.