FAO Accountants

Well lads, noticed a fair few of ye seem to be accountants around these parts. I’m sort of in the process of going down that route myself at the moment. Would appreciate any advice at all regarding he whole scene and what kind of job prospects there is at the moment.

Absolutely no job prospects whatsoever. Look elsewhere.

I’m the accountant of choice around here Jack.

There’s a lot of shoddy accountants on this board that wouldn’t know cashflow hedge from a fair value hedge so treat any advice you get with caution.

Am I wrong Tinnion? Of course not.

You are better off doing something like civil engineering if you want to get a job in modern Ireland.

Civil Engineering? Hardly.

Computer Science fella.

FFS my butler has a comp-sci degree.

agreed, Information systems and cloud computing is the future…

The jobs in this country for now and for the foreseeable future are in

Accounting/Fund Accounting and the likes

You mean drug pushing like?

Tinnion knows the score. You can rely on the Chartered Accountants on this board to advise you with integrity.

And agriculture. Exports on the rise the whole time.

Do the recent VAT rate changes in hospitality have to be passed onto consumers? If a particular place e.g. a hotel, tell you that they’re not passing on the rate changes, do you have any recourse?


you are a retard Mac.

man up-threaten to move the wedding if they dont pass it on

Already have mate. Thanks for sharing your concerns.