FAO Admin


I thought we banned you?

Mac are you going to add more smileys for the forum users or what? I would think it is something that’de take less than 30 seconds to do. Will you organise it please?


No point doing it before we move servers. It’ll mess up the mainframe.

That’s shytetalk .

Where are the “shakefist” and “strokechin” smilies gone? This is a matter of urgency and should be dealt with by admins immediately.

You need 200 posts to get them http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc15/fabian365/f365%20smilies/smiley-stroking-chin.gif


Sound chaps. Need to spend less time working/hurling/having a life and more time on this yoke…

Is there a “mugged off” emoticon?

@Rocko[/USER] @[USER=9]Bandage[/USER] @[USER=109]Mac[/USER], great adminning guys. I know you’ve been monitoring that cretin @[USER=367]mickee321 after he tried to log on using my username on multiple occasions. It’s great to know you guys have my back.

But @mickee321 is part of the admin team.

No problem. Maybe change your password from Limerick2012 though?

Thanks Mac. Yeah good call, we are in 2014 now I suppose.

Is someone going to sort out these emoticons please?

Now we’re in July and you you dirty no good bastard cunt rocko still haven’t sorted these emoticons out. You’re only a fucking gowl!!!

Have you paid your subs?

Something is wrong with the forum. It takes way too long for a new page to turn over. This is happening for a week or so now. Sort it out you stupid prick.

Sort out a few new emoticons aswell while you’re at it. You gowl. :rolleyes:

It’s flying it now again. Thanks for fixing it admin.