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When the Kings dishes flew out of Dunguire and headed west, where did they end up?

Hi @Ambrose_Fahy
Gash or Anus?

Down the new line, and up keeper hill/Abbey hill (whatever the fuck it’s called)?


How many points did you get in the Leaving Cert?

St Colmans Well you fucking cunt.

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There was no leaving cert when I went to school, maneen.

and there was me thinking this was a multiple alias you had created kp

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Had they no well in the castle?

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Why did you only use 3 fingers to catch the sliothar?

Habit? Coaching?

Trick question. I only have 3 fingers on my left hand. Gus Hynes took the little finger off me in a sheep shearing accident back in the late 70s.


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Ambrose, myself and the ould fella are trying to name Kinvaras best 15 over the past 30 years.

The ould fella has you wing forwrd but I was going to give the jersey to Pat Nolan ahead of you.

Help me here.

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You need help alright :- )



Truth be told, I could never match Pat’s raw passion on the pitch or as a manager. Were you on the field that day in Pearse when he was managing the juniors? Pat disagreed with a refereeing decision, ran out on the pitch and pucked the sliothar out into the housing estate behind the stadium. Protest in motion. Wouldn’t say a bad word about Pat.

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Take your fixie and fuck off out of here like a good ladeen.


:smile: I wasn’t there that day but it sounds familiar.

Did it split the posts en route?


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I had serious quads back then. Cheers KP!