FAO artfoley, GSH or other xBox owners

Couple of xBox questions for you:

I’ve got my PAL xBox here in the US with me – how do I find out if games I buy here in the US will work in my PAL xBox? I understand some games are region free. I basically want to know if Madden 11, FIFA 11 and Call of Duty Black Ops are region free.

Can you buy full games on the xBox marketplace? I’m referring to the ones above, easiest thing would be to buy them here. I have the xBox 360 Elite so should have enough storage space.

I’d appreciate a prompt answer, nedwheeler is visting this Friday and if any of the above aren’t feasible I will ask him to buy the games in Ireland and bring them over.

Many thanks


I bought a full game on the marketplace before anyway. Can’t help you with your other question.

Fuck off tinnion. He’s my mate.


That sounds like someone I know.

Would it not say on the game boxes?

From what I know based on a mate of mine in the US, it will need PAL games unless the games themselves are region free. As Shadow said, it should be on the box. I’ll check it later when gaming as to what it says on my COD box.

Yours etc,