FAO Bandage

I’d like to commend you on your exclusive about Shay Given to Celtic a few months back. This seems to be a go’er in the January transfer window, on loan initially by all accounts.


More twitter exclusives??

No, he had a pint with Shay in Poznan last night.

Amazing coincidence this story resurfaces after he lets in 3 goals last night.

Bandages source seems to be proved correct, I believe I cast scorn on it at the time, only fair I retract my scorn Runt, nothing more nothing less.

Love how the other lad couldnt help himself by lepping in again though, predictable or wha’ eh? :lol:

Weird thread.

Is this deal any more concrete now than when Bandage had it?

Wouldnt even come in the top 100 weird threads on this site I’d say.

Wasnt bothered hunting down the previous thread.

Top 5 anyway i’d say :lol:

Commendation duly noted, MBB.