FAO Bohemians

Welcome aboard but fuck you and all belonging you…H’on The Parish To Fuck!!!


I have a question for Bo:

Shelbourne Aston or Boavista?

Buddha Healy or The Claw

Bohemians, fuck off and die you egg chasing cunt

[quote=“Watch The Break, post: 486522”]
Bohemians, fuck off and die you egg chasing cunt
[/quote]WTB said it better than i ever could! :clap:
Congratulations WTB on joining the 10K club. :clap:

Thanks WYT

This must be how Pierce Brosnan felt when he got the freedom of Navan

Shelbourne Aston

Noel Healy

This is the clincher

The Still House or Nancy Blakes

Bohemians, Brian Kerr or Miranda Kerr?


Very good question. This will sort him out. Answer very, very carefully Bo…

There is one question which tells us all we need to know about new members and it hasn’t been asked yet. Everything else is mere preamble.

does it involve the ghost of a dead patriot??

I would prefer to see the buck answer the Still House/Nancy Blakes question first…



It does, an unexpected encounter with a dead patriot

Wrong answer. Unlucky.


fairly stupid questions lads :rolleyes: