FAO CaptShan, NCC and any other

… likeminded people.

Do you reckon theres too many GGA threads being set up for the littlest of things? It’s got to the point of spam at this stage.

It does seem like that Flano I have to say. Some of them should be moved to talking Balls.

yes, way too many

id suggest the mods amalgamate them

break them into the 4 provinces or just have 1 thread for all rural sports ( trout tickling , hurling etc)

Flano, not content with losing out on June’s idiot of the month award has decided to start early this month to ensure he clinches the July crown

Trout tickling.

Explain the rules of this pursuit please or does it have any?

Look its quite obvious that there are existing threads that can be used to discuss all GGA related matters. Amalgamation is exaclty whats needed NCC.

I’m with ye lads.
Ye can count on my support.
First thead underway.

Bandage is a wanker!