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All the best to those who commenced their Final Admitting Exams today.

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Carney was quoted in the ST this week as saying that the BOE stance on an interest rate rise hadn’t been affected by the turmoil in China, and they were still planning on taking a view towards the end of the year. If the economy here remains half decent, the next rate move is likely to be up. Very slowly up.


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VAT related queries.

Irish VAT registered business invoices a UK VAT registered business for Services (no goods in transaction). No VAT is added to the invoice but both companies account for it separately at end of year? Is this correct?

If the UK company is then invoicing someone for the same service plus their margin, and this company happens to be in Ireland, does the same process regarding VAT on the invoice take place? Or is it separate and invoiced at the standard UK VAT rate?


I always felt VAT was beneath Chartered Accountants. It’s a low-level transaction tax, more suited to an ACCA opinion. Try @Scrunchie.




Thanks for your help. Wankers.


Nope you dont charge vat either side.
Logically there is no way to claim it back on either side


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Will I liveblog the winners guys?




First winner: ie domain registry


Second winner: Concern


Apologies to anyone who taped this to watch the highlights later. I should spoiler these.


Third winner: Dalata Hotel Group (big cheer from their table)


Fourth winner: ESB (again!!!)


Fifth winner: DCC (again!!!)