FAO Chartered Accountants


Sixth winner: Irish Continental Group (buy those shares @flattythehurdler)


Seventh winner: CRH plc


Eighth winner - Branding & Communication: Housing & Finance Agency


Ninth winner - Social Responsibility: Two winners!!! Incredible!!! Judges couldn’t decide!!!

CRH plc and Governor and Company of Bank of Ireland


Tenth winner - Overall Winner (final award):

DCC plc winner for second year in a row.

That’s it folks until next year.



Just thinking earlier there - imagine ISIS got into this room. The business minds and leadership this country would lose. Fuck. Doesn’t bear thinking about.


What’s the criteria for the awards BT?


All organisations: public and private are eligible to enter. State owned bodies, charities and other organisations that publish Annual Reports and financial statements are entitled to and encouraged to enter the Awards.


I understand the idea behind how you enter a competition but what were they judged on or what did they do to be deemed good enough to win a prize?


Their Anuual Reports were marked by independent markers pal. The ones with the best marks won the awards.


Which one did ESB win mate? I’m hoping it’s the one I’m thinking of.


Like best font?


I’ll update the categories tomorrow pals. Apologies for not having them, they were all announced very quickly.

@myboyblue ESB won for Unquoted and Semi State Organisations


Sounds like the awards handed out in primary school for the child who had the least amount of red pen marks on their corrected homework


I read the title on Tinnons picture and thought I must be misinterpreting it. Turns out I wasn’t.
Awards for sets of accounts :grinning:



I just knew if I went back there’d be something like this.

Finalists for 2006 Irish Published Accounts Awards announced
Oct 18, 2006 - 8:49:00 AM

*Over 20 companies, not-for-profit bodies, charities, and statutory agencies have been shortlisted for the 2006 Published Account Awards. Organised by the Leinster Society of Chartered Accountants and sponsored by the Irish Stock Exchange, the awards recognise excellence in financial reporting. *

The winners of this year’s awards, now in their 29th year, will be named at a luncheon on November 17, 2006 in the Berkeley Court Hotel, Dublin.

The finalists are as follows:

Large quoted companies

Anglo Irish Bank
Bank of Ireland
Greencore Group
Irish Life & Permanent
Kerry Group
Paddy Power

Obviously they don’t take into account the actual reality of the accounts, only good design work or something.


Bang on, mate. Same as how the GAA give awards for best county final programme and yearbook. It doesn’t necessarily mean the counties who scoop these awards possess the most complete and accurate hurlers and footballers.


So really it’s whatever printers/designers the accounts were sent off to should get the awards rather than some no mark accountants?


Not necessarily either. The designers are also relying on source information like witty pen pictures or a rollicking good directors’ report.