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Guys, anyone at the annual dinner? What did you think of tonight’s speaker?


Just need a bit of guidance on this.

I have a friend who has a small audit exempt company works as a pharmaceutical contractor. I have advised him that he is not really a contractor if he only works for one place and the company should be paying him as a PAYE employee. Notwithstanding that he has asked me to do his company accounts for him as his previous accountants were charging him €1,500.

He has a sister who files the P30’s and VAT 3’s on time. And has kept proper records. I would just need to put it all together and file a B1 along with Abridged accounts and do a CT return. The doing of it isn’t a problem as I have done many of these before but would I need a practice cert in order to prepare an accountants report? I dont plan on making a habit of this. There’s a days work in it and it would be a handy 5 or 6 hundred euros.


I think anyone could prepare an accountants report as such. Someone signing it off ie an auditor would need a practising cert. but if the entity is audit exempt it doesn’t matter. one of the posters in practice would know more about it than me.


That’s not correct. You can’t sign an accountant’s report if you’re not a practicing accountant.


Fair enough.


Says the “chartered accountant”.



If you do the report I’ll sign it for you for €100.


I havent worked in practice for 25 years. I just expressed an opinion.


Therein lies most accountants problem


The Annual Conference is taking place in the Radisson Hotel, Galway May 12. This year’s conference ‘Disruption’ features a list of high profile business, sports and profession specific speakers. Notably sporting legends Annalise Murphy and Brian Cody, motivational speakers Kevin Maughan CEO of UrbanVolt, journalist and entrepreneur Mark Little and much more. This is a date for your diary not to be missed!

I think we should reserve a TFK table.


If an accountant was a dinosaur what dinosaur would he be ?

A cuntasóir.




Stuart Lancaster giving an fascinating talk at the rugby luncheon at the Aviva. Anyone else here?





A question . Roisin Shortall was on the wireless this morning about the Sean Fitzpatrick trial and the ODCE shambles . She was bemoaning the lack of "forensic accountants ".

What is a "forensic accountant " ? I would have thought all accountants should be forensic .



There is a course you can do to add this speciality to your accountancy qualification. Big growth area in recent years with assets being hidden and requirement to trace them


Or not.
Handy gig for thoul envelope


I’ve also heard of trade unions requesting the services of a forensic accountant if the company are pleading inability to pay previously agreed pay increases.


An excellent example of the diversity at play in the accounting profession with the appointment of Shauna Greely as the new President of the Institute.