FAO Chartered Accountants


I notice no one is paying attention to the poor bitch on stage.


Institute employee prattling on about charity raffle tickets while the audience excitedly awaits Neil Delamere’s arrival on stage for some cutting edge comedy. The Stewart Lee of the Irish scene.


What a time to be alive


Just to confirm I’m not in attendance this year. I didn’t deliver on my promise to @briantinnion to engage his employer for additional advisory work in 2016 and he quite rightly withheld my luncheon invite. I’m disappointed not to be present but that’s business.


Any progress since the phone interview


What’s the wine there, Brian?


It’s shocking, pal.

But I’m here to network and celebrate another year of recovery in our economy so I’m not too bothered.


It looks like red.


We have a comedian in the house.


a lot of baldys and eggs in the nests there


The two boys here look well oiled already.


Would anyone ever get badly drunk at this and abuse all and sundry ???


Are the red and white balloons for Cuala ???


Not that only happens at Big 4 Christmas parties. The famous one being where one of the accountants had his ear bitten off in a fight.


Would any senior staff go to this.


That lad would have worked with some of the accountants here id imagine. He is probably a bit older than them though


That’s some dig at @briantinnion


Doubt it. Why would they mingle with the minions?


Brianminions ?


Hup ya boy ya!