FAO fans of div 2 hurling team


lads and lassies,

im thinking of writing an article about supporters of the above. two aspects to it maybe. one how you think your county will fare. and secondly probing us poor unfortunates who are commited enough to go to low profile matches in the muck of early spring.

if anyone has any thoughts, opinions, admissions and anecdotes id be more than grateful to receive them at gerardmc36@gmail.com


are you the same pegasus on AFR?

Yup kid

what happened to the III then?
should you be pegasus IV - A new hope?

pegasus ( pegasus I ) was a name my oul man used for a racing column for a short lived clare newspaper around 79/80
pegasus II was my first username but that was tied to a work email address
i think we’ll spare the world pegasus IV

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