Fao Farmer

I am in Dublin for the next 24 hrs . If you want to meet up and sort it out man to man , name the time and place and I will batter you. Or is you yellor?

Oh christ not this shit again. Rocko, will you be adjudicating this one?

CM, you do realise Farmer’s about 7 foot tall don’t you?


REM really gets people going.

Remember time the Dublin Bay Prawn didn’t show up to fight Kev in the Phoenix Park on the morning of the All Ireland. Runt had the photos and everything.

Chocolate Mice is weird.

That is all I have to say on the subject.

There’s a reason the Prawn hasn’t been seen around these parts since.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t caoimhaoin. Didnt look anything like the picture of him that TRE and Dunph were sending around.

Here we go again! The man in the picture was wearing a Cork poncho and a sombrero if I remember correctly. Hard to recognise anyone in that getup.

Fair enough mate, I’ll give you that one. It could have been the same lad as the photo ye sent on I guess.

Kev wasn’t wearing a sombrero. You are confusing him with that ape who goes to all the Cork matches.
This is the picture of kev waiting (in vain) for the Prawn to turn up.

If there was a photo (which there isn’t), you’d be the last person to receive it mate.
Are you going to be doing your usual investigative work on this CM/Farmer feud now since you were giving Kev a great help with his!

Did CM make a phone call to Farmer? Outrageous scenes :o

Todays a Friday, wasn’t this the day the Prawn used to do his aul drive by’s on this place? You’d be nostalgic for him all the same.

2RE’s getting very defensive here. I think MBB has him rattled.

Is the bleeding obvious not staring people in the eye here?

CM is a loon?

CM was the Prawn?

TRE phone caoimhaoin?

CM is a loon?

Apologies mate, as I’m not David Attenborough all apes look the same to me.

Remember Farmer, what’s staring you in the face, is most likely not staring anyone else in the face

That you’re The Dublin Bay Prawn?

Wahey! Friday banter :clap:

Are we getting this fuckin on or what?

I suggest the lane way beside Coppers (the one that connects Harcourt St and Camden St) at 3am tonight.