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What’s the Pillo Hotel like?

Oh and commiserations.


[quote=“ChocolateMice, post: 715334”]What’s the Pillo Hotel like?

Oh and commiserations.[/quote]

standard fare. 15 mins walk from the action. Huge mirrors in all rooms… perfect for thong wearing gents like your good self.

Yeah, I know where it is- deal for 159 for 2 nights b&b for two, and a meal one of the nights with a bottle of wine. Gonna go for it early December when the crimbo market is up and running.

Some recommendations for fine dining in Galway?

Thinking Cava for one night. I’ll have to go for Monroes pizza at some stage. Night two is blank however and awaiting your welcome opinion.

Kirwan’s Lane is very nice in my experience. Ard Bia is also pretty good if you’re looking for something ‘different’.

Good man … Ars bia is down by the arch ?

Cm old pal, how did you get on in kilrush?

It was put on hold till January due to unforseen circumstances. I’ve been tipped off about a not so well known spot somewhere a few miles outside the town that ticks all boxes.

depends what you are looking for but i like the following:

Italian: Vina Mara, Middle Street. L’osteria de Roberta in Salthill
Seafood: O’Gradys on the pier in Barna. Might be a bit out of your way. Failing that try Oscars in Dominic Street
Chinese: Canton Cottage in salthill. Crap premises but great food. Asian Tea house on Mary Street.
Indian: Kashmir Dominic Street. My personal favourite.
Impress the ladies: Aniar on Dominic street. Has a Michelin star and all produce locally sourced. I’ve only been there once and the food was good

Others worth a mention: Lohans in Salthill, Ard Bia, Spanish Arch

If you’re staying in the Pillo, there is an American diner just across the road called Scottys that does good diner food. They also do a Man V’s Food type challenge where you have to eat a 2.5 lb burger and a ton of sides in 30 mins and it is free. If you fail it’s 40 Euros

I believe Trends in Salthill does a nice soup and a sandwich.

That’s a fantastic reply. Thank you kindly.

I am having a few pints in the pillo bar with some food whilst watching the Munster game. decent grubs and a nice pint of black.

on the down side I have asked to be moved to a different room. original room is adjacent to main Dublin road and windows have Fuck all sound proofing. very loud.

Other wise at 80 euro on a sat night it’s standard fare.


Ah mate, if I had seen this earlier I would have arranged to meet up and we could have tag teamed the girlfriend. One in the pink one in the stink

CM If your sex life was so good you wouldn’t need an escape to Galway or have to revert to fancy meals to woo your bitch. If youre looking to spice it up you’ve hit a snag, and all the boasting in the world that it is otherwise is only fooling yourself, mate.

RJ is a resourceful guy, doubt he has two cocks though …

[quote=“ChocolateMice, post: 715348”]

Ah mate, if I had seen this earlier I would have arranged to meet up and we could have tag teamed the girlfriend. One in the pink one in the stink[/quote]

It could been epic mate. oh well.

Ah lovely, the runt was so seething over this he waited two months to be able to have his come back.

You specifically asked for advice in a dirty weekend thread, pal. I’m here merely to enjoy the delights Galway has to offer.