FAO Hurling (Holocaust) Deniers


Why don’t you do a search for earliest recording of the Irish name for the game.


I’ve dubunked that in the opening post.



What’s folklore, mate? Do you understand what it is?


Shit people make up when they are high as kites on shrooms ^^^


When living in a bedsit in London, yes.

The historical study of it in place of written word is something different.

I noticed the soupers sidestepped the linguistic, archaeological and written evidence :joy:


look, we all know you love the aul fior gael act and we play along with it, but the fact is the English invented hurling, the orish simply nicked some of the ideas


I’ve dunked that in the opening post.



If you’re explaining you’re losing…


Is some lad after writing a thesis to try and win an argument on the INTERNET? :joy: This is gas altogether.


What proof have you of this?


The Brits and ‘The lads whose Grandfathers hid under the beds during the War’ are seething here.

Well played @ChocolateMice :clap:


Edward Carson invented hurling. While the game is commonly called “Catholic hockey”, this is a misnomer as the game is very much of Protestant origin.


Very very needy thread.
Love hurling but cringe sometimes at the desperation of some Irish Micks to have something unique to identify themselves with that isn’t British.


Another nice topic wrapped up. The lads who have no interest in hurling have all had to come in and have had dance too.

Hurling 2
Soupers 0.


Most protestants in Ireland are of Gaelic Irish origin :rofl:


You never held a hurley in your life you little tramp. You are not involved in hurling. You attend a few marque games in a year.
The like of you speaking for hurling is all that is fucking wrong with the game. Fuck off away from our game you dirty cunt, we don’t want you.




That’s a magnificent post, you creep.


you couldn’t make it up, latching on to hurling to try and boost his pretend ira creditials, he’s a soccer man from limerick city


He is not a hurling man.