FAO Hurling (Holocaust) Deniers


I saw him trying to involve himself in some Limerick hurling threads with proper Limerick hurling supporters, it was embarrassing really, cringe worthy, referring to players by their nicknames in an attempt to portray himself a Limerick hurling man who attends club games, it would turn your stomach, we all know that type of lad, the fella who turns up for the All Ireland final with a new jersey and all the gear


He was caught rotten once climbing out of the top window of a real Limerick hurling mans house and chased all the way down through Corbally. That’s the closest that dirty cunt ever got to a hurling man and it’s an awful pity he wasn’t caught and drowned in the river.


+1. I don’t think @ChocolateMice ever played hurling. Didn’t he develop an interest in it in his early 30s when he was a mature student in Mary I and started hanging around with the ginger lad with the rat’s tail who plays with Limerick?


Hurling doesn’t start until Minor grade. Didn’t you give up after U12s?


No and no again.


Jesus this is tremendous. Choco has them all dancing here, even the lad with the shit 5k times is seething now


Easily pleased Wesht Limerick simpleton.


Are you drunk again you bum?

I’m not from West Limerick either bud. If you’d had your bleary eye on the farming thread you’d know I am in the heart of the Golden Vale



Surely that goes against your pig policy pal?

Oink oink


Guys can we rein it in a bit here, please? Lots of personal insults tonight, no need for it.


I used to love bating drunken bums with the baton, it one of the things I miss alright


I was never one of them mate…only time I was ever charged with a crime was in Galway funnily enough years ago…was struck out though.

Did you get back to henry street pal?


:wink: I’m in a lot of places mate. I’m like a shadow.


A shadow is the word I’d say,

If there’s something going on ye stay out of the way.

Classic example in Kennedy Pk 3/4 weeks back.

I cam understand it to an extent.


:smile: Keep talking about things you know nothing about pal, you’re good at that when you are half cut.

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men.


@The_Most_Infamous has absolutely destroyed @Breaking_my_balls here.


@Breaking_my_balls doesn’t know if he is coming or going


Seething are we? I knew my gentle 5k jibe would draw you out :sunglasses:


Coming. In your missus.


I know plenty about that cowardice…but I’m not going to go into online.