FAO Hurling (Holocaust) Deniers


Incorrect again - the boys in Trinity played hurley, a completely different game and more in line with modern hockey- The rules of the game included provisions for off-side and hitting off one side of the stick only. These men did not play hurling, that is a completely different game to hurley…




the pretend ra and pretend hurling supporters can’t handle it


Michael Cusack got many of his ideas for their made up field sports from the likes of Trinity & Clongowes/Blackrock/Kilkenny where he taught.


that doesn’t quite tie in with the narrative the pretend limerick hurling man is spinning


Michael Cusack described himself as a “sterling lover of the game” (of rugby football). He also once said that cricket was Ireland’s national game and every village and town should have a team.

What changed for Michael and Co was that he developed a bit of self loathing from hanging around a few too many Fenians - much like @ChocolateMice the soccer fan at Mary I. They wanted to take control and away from the Catholic Merchant classes and Anglo Irish who ran sports and had got too paly.

So himself a couple of others who had played rugby football and association football made up some sports. Took some ideas from here, took some ideas from there. A bit of myth from Ireland’s history and a few hard rules from other sports.

The GGA claimed to never be a political organisation but that is a total lie. The efforts they went to in trying to monopolise sport in Ireland were outrageous. They drove schools like Blackrock away from their sports because they were so self loathing. Couldn’t countenance a bit of international flavour in Ireland. Inward and insular looking weirdos.


All the good things in Ireland came from the British, roads, education, the legal systems, everything, that drives Mick the Muldoon ape


That’s lovely, Tim … Where did Cusack go to to play his first Game? To Galway, to play a team that played the game of hurling as handed down to them from their Gaelic ancestors… It’s grand throwing out the auld rubby and cricket jargon but you’ll wash over the centuries of colonization and attempt to cleanse the Irish of their culture, language and customs through murder, inhumane laws and land confiscations. That’s how those sports got a foothold here, so you’re correct in saying that cricket was very strongly represented on the Island, but don’t forget to mention the auld ethnic cleansing during the 19th C. and the centuries of murder that propped it up, you shitbag.


So we’re the


Thanks pal




First rules of hurling were codified in 1885, led by Cusack.

Cusack’s rump came from the Trinity Hurley club.

Cusack was a rugby man who has a crisis of Fenianism and wanted something “Irish” (i.e. Something he controlled). The GGA came after the IRFU and IFA. Gaelic football and hurling took aspects from here and there and formed games played on the same field. You wholly deny the impact of stuff like rugby posts and live in a fantasy land that it is a solely Irish invented game.


Hurling doesn’t need utter gowlbags rooting up history papers they found while researching their history dissertation.
It needs volunteers.
The like of that tinker @ChocolateMice would be more in his line to join an actual GAA club, pay some membership to them, then maybe do a foundation coaching course, get garda vetted (maybe issues here), go then and volunteer his time with a bit of coaching of kids. That’s what the GAA and hurling is about. Volunteerism.


he wouldn’t know the right end of a hurl



It’s a hobby for fuck sake. If you’re passionate about it just go out and play or volunteer to train kids or carry hurleys or water or whatever.


@ChocolateMice probably pretends his hurley is a rifle and prances around his local park pretending he’s a volunteer in the Phoenix Park in the run up to Easter 1916.

I doubt he’s ever played stick hurling to a serious standard at all.





I just wish he’d stop pontificating about something he has no connection with. His need to be attached to something is utterly pathetic, an awful needy little cunt. As a hurling man it sickens my fucking craw.


He’s not a hurling man. He’s a pretend ira soccerman from Limerick city. He’s trying to over exaggerate his oirishness. You have done great work in this thread exposing him


I found that most interesting @ChocolateMice and would encourage you to continue to post any further research you come across.
Very disappointing that a few of the children with severe inferiority complexes have attempted to ruin the thread with their neediness.