FAO Hurling (Holocaust) Deniers


No, I’d like to hear it, please proceed :smile:


Well if we have any expert on that subject, it’s you


What was the reaction time to that incident in KP?


Go away and hibernate will you.


Sure you said you knew plenty about it so we’re all waiting Barney Gumble


Wasn’t that your excuse when you filled the togs when mousey called you out?


Save your crass and tasteless remarks for your west limerick pigdog brethren


Ah lovely. You gave in quicker than your missus :smile: :pint:

I’ve about 4 lads seething on the Internet of a Friday night. Top Top Work :ok_hand:


You werent available to referee kid,

Me and @ChocolateMice are good pals now.


Is he the fella posting here who is a guard? An awful dose anyway.


It’s gas, I’ve all ye apes convinced I’m a Garda without ever saying I was or currently am one, and I farming 7 days a week :smile:


Any sign of @ChocolateMice sine @HBV ran him? Has there ever been a bigger backfire of a thread on tfk?


He’s not a Limerick hurling man.


He has the pigheaded arrogance of one anyway


He’s worth two of that drink driving cur @The_Most_Infamous anyway


That’s exactly what someone would say if they were a guard but wanted to try to throw us off the scent.


The little cunt is to hurling what @bandage is to the IRA. Fuck him.


This man’s family helped invent modern hurling and codified the game by playing it on a rugby pitch.


Probably hit the ball better than a fair few TFK ‘experts’ would as well.


Is this the rugby pitch you’re talking about