FAO Mac / Dunph / Runt

big respect for the quite superb tipping last few days thru thru the PMs.
i apologise for not been so involved as of late but i choose to totally ignore Galway based on almost financial ruin in 2006 and instead was very focused each day on the Goodwood card,unfortunaely, as the firewall in work prohibits ATR / RP all my punting and race analysis was done using the RP in the bookies and i was unable to post.
Goodwood served me well, continual EW punting, virtually no FAV bets and concentrating on handicaps.
the lesson i have learned tho is that following the best flat card of the day with the better horses who have form at this time of year is yielding its dividend.
on friday in goodwood i had the winners of the last 3 races but fked away some of the profits backing sh!te word i got for yokes in Thirsk and Bangor in awful fare, retarded drink induced punting !!
Summer NH is not for me at all and i have the greatest of respect for any man who publishes a tip for one of these events.
ill try and make an effort for the ebor meet in york as this is a massive opportunity for us all.
BTW, gandolfini in cork should be noted tomorrow, the same lad who rode mid mon lady in galway is on board and he is an excellent claimer,
its an open race but id advise an EW punt anyhow.
once again lads, cheers

Cheers Mickee. Not much need to be thanking me though as most of the word I passed on ran shite. From my discussions tonight though I have live one for us in the next couple of weeks.