You mentioned before about the ignore facility here on TFK. Care to explain how this works for me? Its something I might be interested in using.



@Mac - how taxing is the stroll up Tara Hill and what’s the surface like? Is it doable with a toddler? I’ve never done it before.

@mac, have you had a chance give this consideration yet?



cat got your tongue @Mac?

bumped for @Mac

@briantinnion - what age is the toddler. Surface is ok but I wouldn’t push a buggy up it. Some of it fairly steep so you might have them in your arms / on your shoulders for a fair bit. Well worth it if you get a sunny day though

Just over 110 weeks or thereabouts @Mac. Sounds like I need one of those hiking backpacks.

I’d imagine you can buy a branded one in one of the coffee shops you frequent.

Probably a bit much for them but a good workout for you carrying the extra weight up.

@Mac are any of the lower viewing at Tara Hill points accessible by buggy or reasonably accessible at least? I thought there was one point a few mins off the road.

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Do you know where the crab tree parking space is?

Edit - Tara Hill Walking Trail

There’s about 4 parking spaces there and then a road to your right you can easily walk along with a buggy. About 1km on there’s an entrance to the hills walking trails on your left and you zig zag upwards to a good viewing point.

Only other option would be to park in the next place over opposite where they sell Tara Hill Honey and walk up the fire trail. It’s doable but a fairly steep incline for the first km. Depends on what type of buggy you have too.

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@Mac is Tesco Gorey open today? If so, any idea what time?



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It is, around 10. Most of the Petrol Stations are open too and probably earlier if that’s any help to you

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Cheers. We left all our chargers in Dublin. Not a great start to today.

Any of the Applegreens or Circle K’s will probably have some if you can’t wait for Tesco


Cunts showing Newcastle v Forest in Yellow House. Would Revels be showing the real game?