FAO @malarkey

I spent a bit of time in my place of solitude this morning, where the forest meets the harbour, and sought guidance through my shamanic incantations. I needed to get grounded, and rooted, in order to get clarity of thought. All the while the hound was wreaking havoc on the animals of Farthing Wood.

Anyway, through my grounding in nature, I have decided to forgive you, as awaiting an apology from the husk of what used to resemble a man that you’ve become is futile. I apologise for nothing I said because it was all justified. I do however withdraw the threat of violence. In the Woods I realized that was the child I used to be speaking, the man I am now is different.

I burned a withy and asked for whatever is causing the bitterness and emptiness in you to be healed.

I asked @Rocko to delete my account and that request still stands, as I do not wish to be in any place where you are accepted. You are poisonously toxic.


I’m not sure what it is, but it’s fantastic :clap:

You have a critical fixture to fulfill in the Super League this week pal

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all non tfk commitments will be fulfilled.

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It’s a beautiful attempt at being reconciliatory but which takes an end-post turn into a call out.

You really do love to see it.

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You’re just scarpering before we batter ye again in the hurling, for shame. :roll_eyes:

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only a fool would hang around

We’re going to drive down in a Mercedes Benz bus and walk all over ye cunts.

I hope it brings you joy.

Anyone know who this lad is?

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Hope ye’ll know how and where to park it

great post

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There is some SERIOUS BUSINESS afoot here.

This is one of the greatest things that was ever written down here


He’s done @Malarkey up like a kipper. Good and proper.

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Yer man Hegarty would surely shoulder it out of the way

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@EstebanSexface to the mods.

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Apparently pj bought the US Postal bus for Limerick.

He’s the main hard chaw from limerick.