FAO Manuel Zelaya

Can you please confirm one way or the other if you and me are the same person in real life?

Its amazing how wrong the lads have this.

Manuel was at the same funeral as me a few weeks ago. I don’t believe Sidney was present.

You don’t know that. I could have been creeping around at the back.

i can confirm they are not the same in “real life”

Desperate cry for help this thread.

I thought that would have been said about my inclusion of the Rick Astley song of the same name in my 90s music selection. Glad to see people agree it’s a good song.

I don’t blame Sidney for starting this thread, the disgraceful hounding respected posters such as himself and Manuel have been getting in recent times must be distressing to both. It must be stopped.

A confirmation either way will be accepted and denied in equal measure.