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Tell me about Portmarnock Leisure centre. Is its pool members only or can the public use it? How busy would the pool be on your average Saturday morning?


anyone can use it mate but there could be swimming classes on a Saturday morning


I take the kids there on a Saturday afternoon and is good for them at that time but would be crap for lengths

football back on Thursday night mate


@Big_Mick_McCarthy, I intended to PM you about football. Will you be making an appearance? Are we back this Thursday TSG?


yes, ill arrange it later


It’s not for me, my life partner is staying with me this weekend and she is currently recuperating from a hamstring injury and was inquiring as to where in Gods Country could she go for a swim.

Do they have a sauna/steamroom/jacuzzi as well? Is there any other swimming pools in the locality?

Tuesdays and Thursdays don’t suit at present, tied up with Gaa commitments

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it has a sauna

tbh the place could do with a lick of paint

the arena in Malahide has a nice pool but its probably a rip off for a one off swim


Agreed. Trying to get the Labour controlled council to pay any attention to social amenities is next to impossible.


Amazing that labour control the council with so few councillors. The labour councillors must be superb.


There is a swimming pool in the Marine.


What about swimming facilities in The Grand Hotel in Malahide, chaps?


Is it open to the public, auld stock?


I don’t know, pal.


There’s a very large body of water called the Múir Éireann. It’s no charge.


Eh that is the Arena already mentioned.


yep mate, the arena its called


I see that the PSLC does a week long pass for €20 - huzzah. I think after four trips up along the Fingal Riviera she will be hooked


The pslc is an excellent club. The pride of fingal. Enjoy your time there. The pool is a swimming pool though, not a hotel style pool area with bubble pools and the like. 25m long of space to swim. The sauna is decent but no steam room.