Fao of @Copper_pipe or anyone else who knows about the Internet


Lads and ladies, every Saturday afternoon and every early evening our Internet pretty much grinds to a halt as, I presume, everyone and his dog are streaming and the signal is poor (bear in mind that the mainland is third world in many such things)
Anyhow, is there anything that can be done to hog a bit more bandwidth, such as a new router or summat? I already pay for the fastest broadband available but its copper from the exchange box about a half mile away as they won’t dig up the road for fibre optic.
I’ve tried shoving my thumb up my hole, and have switched providers four times to no avail. It’s driving me bonkers. Can’t even watch Netflix, never mind stream anything live.


What’s your mobile signal like?

Alternatively buy a new stately pile in a fibre area


If you were here in Mickland you could ring Liveline…
@Tassotti is the man in the know on the mainland where all things are superior…




You’ve figured out your bottlenecks. Changing providers on the same infrastructure as you’ve discovered is futile. They all run the same speed on the same infrastructure. The physical distance to the exchange is the main latency driver. Without them upgrading the infrastructure or you moving closer you’d have to get more creative.

Is there 4G in the area that can be used to take the pressure off WiFi? Set up a hotspot/dongle for the kids.

Failing that, if it’s that much of an issue the question is worth asking, how much would a second broadband line into the house be?


It’s not our house, it’s the neighbourhood. I’d be the only person online in our house at that time. Ah well.
4g is ropey enough here for whatever reason :frowning:


Thinly veiled I can’t watch my porn in peace as it freezes every 5 seconds from Flatty here.


Is it possible your WiFi is not set to private/secured and there are a load of people tapping into it?


Don’t know. Possible, but I doubt it. Its driving me nuts tbh.


click on internet access and see if connection is secured


You should move to limerick @flattythehurdler


You should also be able to see a list of all the devices that are connected to your WiFi in the router settings.

Be a worthwhile exercise to change the WiFi password. Would help block any hangers on, at least temporarily.


Very same in London mate. I’d guess it’s too do with every cunt streaming the football on Saturday afternoon.


That’s what I reckon. Was wondering was there some gizmo that’d help but obviously not.


Have you disabled wifi, pluged a laptop directly to the router and done a speedcheck?


Doesn’t matter. The cunts are marketing limitlesss broadband but still throttle the fuck out of you. You’re only as fast as the speed to your door


Yes, but he needs to find out to the speed to his door first. If it’s crap then he’s fucked.


No, but sometimes it’s grand and sometimes it just stops. What would this show?


It’s been established it’s shit.


That you’re shit out of luck I’m afraid