Fao of @Copper_pipe or anyone else who knows about the Internet


@Copper_pipe what’s the story about the missing skull of the crusader that the guards suddenly found yesterday?


According to the Journal, it was stolen sometime over the weekend of the 23-25th of February. It was found yesterday.

Not sure what you would do with this after robbing it tbh.

The shades obviously got the heads up on its whereabouts and located it. Not sure where they found it tbh.


You could start a death cult, or make a nice candelabra


Any sign of the VPN?


Ps @Copper_pipe
That thing arrived yesterday and seems to be working ok so far, but ill keep you posted. The crux will be when hurling coincides with some epl tripe.


I basically plugged it in as instructed, and they confirmed it is working. It might be a nigerian prince on the other end of the tech support line for all id know though.
Also, i got the pro router, which doesn’t have wps, so whilst ive hardwired the firestick to the spider, i cant connect the wifi range extenders to it, so they continue to run of the isp provided router. Whether this is now vpn or not, i have no idea. You connect the blue port of the spider to an ordinary yellow port of the isp router, and leave the internet cable plugged into the isp router. Im not sure hence how it can work, but they assure me it is??


Did they send a fire extinguisher with the new router?


Ah Flatty you could have saved yourself a few quid and got the classic. You’re paying an extra 16 quid for another wireless channel with less range.

What brand/model Wifi Extenders have you?


You should invite @Copper_pipe over to Didsbury some weekend to sort out all your illicit tech.


You dropped the ball here pal. You should have ladybirded it for @flattythehurdler . You just shared a website link with the board. Very shoddy support.


I did enough


I googled it myself. I was rather hoping you had a WhatsApp on the topic from one of your criminal/Garda/journalist sources.


Not yet anyway…


Wasn’t there a poster on here before who was hanging around Christchurch Cathedral late at night looking for head? I’d start the investigation with him.


It was his “friend”.


I paid 110 for two years.
My extensers are netgear.


Should be a option to setup without WPS. If you get the exacr model number I’ll have a look


Thanks lad.