FAO of Malsy

Malsy, welcome to TFK.

How many points did you get in your Leaving Cert and did you do honours or ordinary level maths?

Malsy, why are you posting pictures of a jersey from some Polytechnic in Britain on the forum?


Just seen the jersey on the singers on cup pictures and thought it was nice maybe others would like to see too.

what the fuck are you trying to say you stuttering gobshite?

Flano, purge us of this cretin please

Malsy, could you please answer my question.

I don’t recall any singers on cup pictures ever being posted on this forum so here’s one:


Malsy. Stop shitting us around here. You are clearly the sponsor of that University football team and you posted up a picture of it here to get some free advertising. This kind of spamming is very poorly thought of in these parts.

[quote=“Sidney, post: 745102, member: 183”]I don’t recall any singers on cup pictures ever being posted on this forum so here’s one:

Sidney, why do you have a Westlife mug?

Malsy, do you like Fig Rolls? Think very fucking carefully about your answer.

Malsy, you’d want to start answering some of these fucking questions if you expect to have any future on here.

Not off to a good start Malsy, you’ve got Bandage angry now. That rarely happens as he is an example of calm and considered thoughtfulness, a quiet leader of men in many ways. The only other recorded poster to have made Bandage angry was TAN and look what happened to him…


Some posters need a proverbial arm around the shoulder and to be gently cajoled, Fitzy. But I just get a sense that Malsy’s the type that needs a boot up the hole.

Way to go. You just ran away the only new poster we’ve had in about 2 years.

:clap: One day Bandage, I hope to see you working hand in hand with Neil Lennon, the dream team driving Celtic to glory.

Thats harsh on Chavez.


The cancer was worse

I’m not saying thats a bad thing though…

That, runt, is a great line. Chapeau.