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Mickee, is there much in the media in Israel about this Australian guy working for Mossad who “committed suicide” in 2010 in the high security Israeli prison?


on monday night there was a barring order from the supreme court put on the media reporting this story in israel
under intenmse pressue it was lifted wednesday morning, from what i understand from Ha’aretz and Yedioth Ahronoth, this was a jewish aussie who was a pretty well decorated mossad agent, he was wanted a in autsralia for using his aussie passport as a decoy on rather sinister missions i beleive
he had 2 names, real name and also a hebrew name,
details as to why he was incarcerated here have not yet been released but apparently he “hung” himslef in prision here, while in soliatry confinemnet which is hard to believe

the weekend editions tomorrow will hopefully go into overdrive and if i have more time, ill follow up and report back

Its a big story here, I listened to interviews with some Ha’aretz editors last night, they basically said they know a lot more than they can report and intimated that it wasn’t a suicide. Seems this will end up being very embarrassing to the Israeli and Aussie governments, both countries intelligence agencies involved.

no one here knows why he was imprisioned in Israel.
also, its important to note why it took such a long time to release his photo, usually thats because if a mission he was involved in was still ongoing and his real identity was relvealed it would compromise the whole the thing as those he was working with would then be fucked.
it was the same in 2010 when the mossad guys used the irish/btitish passports to take out that bloke from hamas in the dubai hotel, they waited days, includingt the media here and in ireland and the UK before they released those pictures to ensure they had gotten those involved out of dubai, it would have been easy for the british media to publish those pictures but they have enough to hide with mi5 anyway,
this story will be brushed under the carpet soon id say
i reckon myslelf it’ll be publshd that he went insane, many who work in espionnage become the character that is created for them and do go nuts (or if things go wrong they are determined to have gone mad and end up like this poor bastard)

I don’t think its possible to brush it under the carpet now that the media from another country are involved.

it’s only Australia, not a real country.


Just to let you know this isnt news here whatsoever

[quote=“FingalRaven, post: 737793, member: 80”]mickee

Just to let you know this isnt news here whatsoever[/quote]
TASE, you live in QLD, where news consists of incest, bestiality and cane toad massacres. For the rest of us, it is news and rather big news at that.

TASE’s failure to get his skinny arse across to Perth to sort out the death of a young Wexican shows his worth here. Worth-fucking-less.
I’ve restrained Fizty from travelling via IM (Thx Rocko, the App is fine)…

TASE = Shoonen…

Mickee, looks like Zygier was arrested by the Israeli’s as he had divulged everything he knew about Mossad to ASIO (Aussie intelligence agency thingy, not exactly the CIA by any means).

I would fully expect that when we have a right wing facist government sworn in here in September (inevitable now) that they will come crawling back to Mossad apologising for all the trouble we have caused.