Fao of @rocko or anyone who knows anything about phones

My phone won’t allow me to reply to a topic. Is my phone fucked, or is it a glitch on the site?
I realise as usual that I’m holding myself up for ridicule here, but it’s working OK for everything else.

Yesterday for a while my phone would open the box to write a reply but wouldn’t post or exit the reply.

That’s exactly it. I’d say it’s just @rocko s way of improving the forum.

Have you taken the piss out of the 51? Something similar happened to me

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Same happened me today
I had a panic attack until it seemed to resolve itself. Galaxy 8 btw.

That explains why you were so antsy

Did you try switching it off and switching it on again?

Is it possible that there’s paper jammed in it somewhere ?

Have you tried taking your thumb out of your arse?