FAO of TFK iPhone/iPad users (AKA luddites)

An important announcement: TFK is now a Progressive Web App on iOS platforms. Android has had this feature for a long time (not sure if anyone ever uses it though).

What does that mean for you as a member of TFK?

Pretty much nothing. But it does mean you can have TFK open all on its own without sharing windows with other websites in Safari. So it’s open as its own app in the multitasking menu. And you get a fuller screen appearance so you lose the URL bar at the top.

To do this, you just add TFK to your homescreen (updating your current bookmark if you already had one).

Step 1: Click on the Share icon down the bottom of the screen while on TFK

Step 2: Click on Add to Home Screen

Now you’ll get your own TFK icon on the home screen and it will open separately to other websites for a more exclusive TFK browsing experince.

You won’t get any notifications because Apple don’t allow that yet but that might be available in the near future, so you can get a handy buzz on your phone to let you know about that all important 10th like on whatever drivel you have just posted.


What are your views on the discourse app @Rocko ?


It’s fine but it’s just the same thing really as the PWA but just handy if you use more than one forum using the software

I’ll move to this app. It sends notifications and is the same if not better than using safari, which is a bit glitchy at the moment.

Notifications on ios? For tfk?

Yep. Notified me of your replies

Which app? And notified you when you weren’t on tfk at the time?

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I don’t believe that will work when you just have your phone on idle though. You were ok tfk at the time. We don’t have push notifications for TFK on ios (but can or do on Android - not sure I don’t have an android device but if they don’t work they can do).

It appeared on the lock screen earlier as a temporary notification. Doesn’t seem to be doing it now.

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Yeah it might still have just been running in the background. One day Apple will let us run push notifications but they’re not there yet without using a third party service.

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@Rocko dicking around with tech shite again in a desperate bid to get a Nice Reply from the spectacled brigade I see


3 pms? This place is full of rats…




You’re welcome?