FAO Onthesod

Do you know if the car boot sale down from Moll Darbys, and just up from Baals bridge, is running every Sunday still? Rocko can’t remember.

Thanks Lads. I have emailed the person associated with it but have heard Sweet Fanny Adams back yet.

Fanny is on holidays until next week

Stolen property market. Be careful what you buy in there. As far as I know it’s still going every Sunday morning.

Interesting. What could you pick up?

My neighbours chainsaw perhaps?

Isnt 90% of the stuff worth buying at these things stolen property? Thought that was a given.

Of course I can never be 100% but when you see perfectly good power tools and lawn mowers for sale for
crazy money like 9 euros. Serious question marks arise. Possibly they’re genuine. Seems dodgy though.

I’ll have to pay a visit to this market

Thanks lads, I was looking for a quasi-legit way to fence/ sell some moderately warm goods… Sounds like I have found the right place…