Fao Rocko

This is Griddle Cake and it is fucking delicious(often refered to as griddle bread)


a shot of butter and a mug of tea, you won’t get better

Don’t mind your fancy Gur Cake

Nothing fancy about gur cake Puke - that’s just the remnants of the day’s scraps baked together for the gurriers of Dublin.

Looks fine and tasty.

Those soft townie cunts wouldn’t understand these things puke

That bread looks delicious, how would i get hold of some of it? Is it also referred to as “cake bread”?

Dunnes always have it as do O’Connells bakery…tis powerful

This thread could be on its way to joining the Pantheon of noble threads.

Which would taste better after a day talking shite on the bog?


Heated for a few seconds, a generous helping of butter which then melts right down into it!!

We few, we happy few…