FAO Rocko


I thought you were a Malahide man @The_Selfish_Giant?


I was going to give you some very important information in relation to the Castleoaks but unfortunately the bad gate prevented me


I am

Malahide were probably shit back then


The end is nigh


A load of posts I made yesterday seem to have disappeared this morning?

What’s the story @Rocko?


Unsure if this is just bland humour. :thinking:


You know how I like the bland humour

split this topic #28

A post was merged into an existing topic: Celtic v Hamiton


@rocko I can’t edit posts at the minute. It’s saying it’s too like a post I just made, which is the post I’m trying to edit obviously


Any word on the ignore function?


Yeah it’s a bug. I’ll fix it later.


Not sure if you can see that, but it’s the above post with an attempt to edit with a few sss at the end as a mar shampla




Imminent. :astonished:


That edit bug should be fixed now. :crossed_fingers:


Good work boss

EDIT Ah lovely