FAO Rocko


Happy birthday boss. Well done on reaching the age of our Lord. Try not to get crucified at all during the year, that’s where himself went wrong.

Enjoy the snow.


Ah shucks thanks very much Juhy.



Happy birthday Rocko

drinks in suttonians?


Never realise you were such an auld fuck Rocko, happy birthday none the less though.


Bandage let me down badly for my birthday. Fucking shafted me on going to the match tonight and is heading with his work colleagues instead. Just to cheer me up though I had the rare and thrilling pleasure of meeting the great Monkey Allen on the DART. Regrettably my nerves got the better of me and I may have even appeared gruff or short with the great man. I didn’t introduce him to Mrs Rocko even, in fact Monkey will probably not have noticed I had company* such was the poor manner in which I handled the situation.

Mrs Rocko tends to walk away from me when I meet people when we’re together. This is not due to shame or anything but it’s an instruction I have given to compensate for the fact I’m not good socially and not good at recognising people. Therefore we have an understanding that if I don’t introduce her after 2 seconds she will just wander off and I won’t be forced to acknowledge that I don’t know the other person or am not sure how to make the introduction. Today I recognised Monkey almost immediately, but wasn’t sure how to say “oh this is Mrs Rocko” so I let it go.

Monkey is a thorough gentleman though and never even commented on my abruptness.


Have a great bday rocko


Happy birthday mate


Happy birthday you utter freak. You better work on those social skills because by the sounds of it Mrs Rocko has a lot to put up with, and you could be lucky to nab a MR2 :smiley:


Happy Birthday Rocko


[quote=“Rocko, post: 561839”]
Bandage let me down badly for my birthday. Fucking shafted me on going to the match tonight and is heading with his work colleagues instead.[/quote]

No offence, Rocko, but you’re 33 now and I need to be thinking of my future friendships. It was actually great for me to bond for me with my new colleague (former Irish U21 international) and to be able to engage in some rigorous tactical debate throughout the game. Let’s not forget, you didn’t spot that Kris Commons switched wings after 70 minutes at Aberdeen last week. Happy birthday though, pal.


Rocko, I did notice a woman walking quickly away from you alright. I had presumed you had been pestering her, so she was using the distraction to try lose you.

Actually, that could still be the case even if she was Mrs Rocko.

Happy Birthday again anyway.


A week before me, Rocko. As a fellow Aquarian I must say your continued outrageous and unconditional support of Trap makes me question the whole Horoscope system itself. Happy birthday all the same though.


Well there was a development in the Zodiac world the other day actually:

The new zodiac dates are:
Capricorn: Jan 20th - Feb 16th.
Aquarius: Feb 16th - March 11th.
Pisces: March 11th - April 18th.
Aries: April 18th - May 13th.
Taurus: May 13th - June 21st.
Gemini: June 21st - July 20th.
Cancer: July 20th - Aug 10th.
Leo: Aug 10th - Sept 16th.
Virgo: Sept 16th - Oct 30th.
Libra: Oct 30th - Nov 23rd.
Scorpio: Nov 23rd - Nov 29th.
Ophiuchus: Nov 29th - Dec 17th.
Sagittarius: Dec 17th - Jan 20th.

I’m now Capricorn, you Capricorn too or still Aquarius?


Monkey Allen, why the fuck were you going on a northbound DART?

Explain yourself.


Monkey and I go for shooting practice together on a Tuesday.


I just wanted to wish Rocko a happy birthday in person.


I’m now a Capricorn also it seems. What are we meant to be like? I was loyal and a dreamer before. Are you loyal and a dreamer, Rocko?



This no more than three posts in a row craic is bugging me like the Turks bugged the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Proper colour commentary on major sporting events must be given free rein.


Is that not just a warning as opposed to a block?


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