FAO scumpot

@Bisto are you ok out there?

i see your missus is all over the media today and has mugged you off good and proper on facebook.

please let us know you are ok kid.

Hope you’re keeping well, @Bisto.

Best regards @Bisto

@Bisto, Are you OK pal?

Some breaking news has me worrying here.

Take care pal.

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Didn’t he just post last week?


Yea, he posted on Saturday night I think, commented on a post I made on the up for the match thread I think.

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@Bisto is like a one-armed waiter. He can dish it out but he can’t take it.


That makes no sense, pal.

Agree. Surely he could take things away one plate at a time at a minimum. @bandage, please have a rethink or alternatively expand further.

Def Leppard were the most seminal and critically acclaimed band of the 1980s and they had a one armed drummer.

There’s a reason everyone makes fun of drummers.

I was merely engaging in high jinks and repeating the above barb which cumspot directed at me a while back. You all laughed at it then (despite my feelings being hurt) but now it doesn’t make sense apparently. That’s double standards, guys.

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I thought it displayed a fundamental misunderstanding of the abilities and skillsets of a waiter.

You just don’t get it, fella.

It is mate. But sure what can you do?

We hold you to a higher standard, mate.
Plus, we were afraid of scumpot and his Dublin criminal underground connections, that’s why we laughed at his jokes.

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True enough - he was a nasty piece of work alright. Hope his move to Marbella worked out well for him all the same.


@Bisto is a sound man and i hope he’s doing ok wherever he is

One of the top top posters on (not on) here