FAO Sheikh Bo

Welcome to TFK. :clap:

Sheikh Bo, how many points did you get in your leaving cert?

Sheikh Bo, Galway or Kilkenny?

Your sister or your mother?

Good man noddy. Tell me is the puke as big a tool here as he is on our place?

the puke is not to be trusted, welcome aboard sheikh

puke is an alright sort.

is it not the middle of the night over in the middle east area???
hmmmmmm, i dont think your the real Sheikh Bo at all.

not to be trusted?? :rolleyes:
fucking hell art, is the internet. stop taking it so seriously ya gowl, ya!!

Sheik Bo

Fuck off you horrible Tipp cunt

Noddy destroying Foley here

Late alright but it’s one of those nights. I thought I’d give you a hand with these fat kids.

This fella seems to be the biggest retard to join this plae in a long time, Fuck off out of it you inbred Tipp cunt!

Nail on the head right there.

Bo, those vile hate filled comments about you are expected seeing as your from the motherland (Tipperary)
the majority of the posters here feel inferior to us and therefore vent their anger towards us.

I would say that your second post on this thread is fairly spot on noddy

Noddy, it’s past my bed time. Hold the line for me and we’ll tear the cunts a new one tomorrow!



Tipp are going strong for their last weekend of the year. The scrapheap is over this way lads.

aiy, i have my doubts

Generally posters like Sheikh Bo are fairly transparent wind ups by people from other counties in an effort to make supporters of their rivals look stupid. However when it comes to Tipperary that doesn’t apply.

good luck.