FAO @Sidney && FAO @Labane - Side Pot

Lads, for two intelligent gentlemen you are both as thick as absolute pig shit.

Ye are so far apart on all matters that you’d each be as well off going out the back garden, digging a hole, sticking your head into it and screaming for half an hour, than trying to change each others mind on this website.

What you are doing here isn’t impressive, and while you both like to try and outdo each other in as many words as possible, on as many threads as possible, many others have stopped reading and contributing to threads.

Could you please keep to this thread, when you do decide to deviate from the topic of discussion and call each other racists and rapists (in 350 word essays)?


When are you going to ever fuck off like you promised?


whenever I’m good and ready.

Are you going to address the topic under discussion are you just going to be a little prick?


Just going to be a little prick


Grand. Do you read the sid vs labane stuff yourself?

I gave up a long time ago

is that we you’ve decided to become a little prick? there is nothing else left for you?

I didn’t consciously, it’s just a natural progression if you spend enough time, you’re coming along nicely


I’m doing my best not to, but lads like yourself make it hard.

These utterly turgid back and forths between @anon78624367 and @Fran are making the forum unreadable.

FFS sake.


that is the first time we’ve ever responded to each other mate, we did it in single sentences and both agreed we are pricks. It’s done.


both @anon7035031 and @Sidney are excellent posters and ill be disgusted if the forum illiterati force them to be banned here like HBV- sure they have their weaknesses but i would be acceptable of that.
you dont have to like everything you read, and the absolute spamming of the board by many who contribute 4 or 5 word structures to many of the threads is a real issue on here.
Most who complain about Sid/Labane/HBV wouldnt be fit clean their internet boots and dont have the ability to post like them,
just as i step aside the “walsh had a good game” type of posts as i view the contributors as intellectual misfortunes i would urge others if they cant handle the more elaborate discussion to just bypass it or find other fora that are more sympathetic to your more basic of needs.

now up your game, that’s my advice - see this as an opportunity


I get what you are saying @mickee321.

The issue here is that it is a long running feud, that filters through a lot of threads and invariably degenerates into the same mud slinging contest we’ve seen a million times.

They are both proficient posters and while I don’t agree with everything/anything they have to say and when they haven’t descended into the repetitive cycle can be great reads.

All we have now on Brexit, The USA, basically any of the political and economical threads are these two insulting each other with the same tired things, time and again.

It would be beneficial to the forum to have a Sid v Lebane thread, where as is inevitable they can fuck off too when they want to have a pissing contest

The main issue here is your incredibly high levels of sheer stupidity.

One seems educated, broadminded and intelligent - with skills and knowledge relevant to any number of threads.
The other juggles forms of intolerance, relies heavily on links to other sources and throws tantrums when called out - not to mention resorting to unsavoury threats of “doxxing”, reporting to employers etc.


To be fair, @anon78624367 isn’t the thickest poster on this thread by a long shot.

a backhanded compliment but I’ll take it.

ill happily receive that accolade but im all for the discussion continuing

Why are posters consistently trying to regulate and censor other poster’s views?

If you don’t like it, ignore it. If you can’t ignore it then cry me a river.