FAO Subs2

What’s the story?

Is Davy Fitzgerald misunderstood or a crazed pigmy ?

alright! em yeah both!, whoever he is

Ah here.

You’re here for the porn aren’t you? Don’t deny it!

been reading on this site for a while lad, new season coming up so said i would join, wheres the porn?!

Go way to fuck you deviant!

By new season you mean football?

Please state your team(s) of choice?

ha! Dublin,Blackburn,Celtic,ShamrockRovers,RealMadrid

You sick cunt.

poxy bastard!

You really are a sick fuck.

You’ll be alright around here as long as you don’t cross Horsebox. He’s the daddy…

ha thanks, lets see how long it lasts!

Great to have you on board, mate.


please explain why you are claiming via IM that the murder in Ennis last week was linked to Clare GAA?

Did I say Clare GAA, I meant to say Clare Island GAA

Davy the pigmy with a grudge