Fao tase

How good was De Rossi today?

As good a defensive midfield display as you’ll see.

After his superb start to his Serie A career and all his mouthing about how many he was going to score today, Hernanes barely got a sniff and was eventually hooked well before the end.

That was all down to De Rossi covering the area in which Hernanes likes to operate. He broke up so much play and most crucially mastered the space between the lines and in front of our box expertly.

Fantastic stuff.

Can we make this TASE thing official Bucko? I need one of either yourself or Rocko to rubberstamp the move for the two/thirds majority…

yeah - i think totti not playing inspired a super human effort from DDR- as the only true roman on the pitch today he was doing it for all the sons of the eternal city

Dunph, I see you got my PM and made the change.

Presume you’re happy enough with it, TASE? Or did you want the new moniker to be in lower case?

It’s a done deal…

Why did NCC want to change to TASE? Did I miss something? Identity crisis perhaps?

A letter from Paul galvin maybe? :smiley:

[quote=“Locke, post: 532862”]
Why did NCC want to change to TASE? Did I miss something? Identity crisis perhaps?

NCC is dead- he had gone stale


He went stale about a year ago.


The All Seeing Eye is already stale. It takes more than a name change to reinvent yourself.


Could be because he spends far too much time posting on this forum and thinking about new ways to wind people up, very few of which seem to work anymore. Also may possibly be mildly autistic.
He’s good aul craic though.


What are your thoughts on the False Number Nine???

One of the keys to tactical success is to break those patterns in a way that is advantageous; at its most basic level to overman in key zones. If a centre-forward drops deep, he is moving away from the centre-backs who would naturally mark him. If the centre-back follows, he risks leaving space that can be exploited by wide players cutting in, or by midfielders coming from deep. But if he sits off, the deep-lying centre-forward has freedom, time and space either to pick his pass or to turn and run at a defence so he is arriving at the centre-back at pace, which makes him far harder to stop.

Poor enough new name.
Shame he was reduced to copying one from AFR.

Thought Tevez excelled in the role tonight but was let down by lack of support/creativity from his midfield

Totti: “El Barça es el mejor equipo de la historia y ganará la Liga”

El capitán de la Roma, Francesco Totti, ha elogiado el juego del Barcelona tras la arrolladora goleada (5-0) que le endosó en el Clásico al Real Madrid en el Camp Nou y vaticinó que el conjunto de Josep Guardiola, al que considera “el mejor equipo de la historia”, “va a ganar la Liga”.
Este Barcelona es imbatible”, sentenció Totti en declaraciones recogidas por los medios italianos, en las que el internacional italiano, añade que “si ayer hubieran jugado tres equipos contra el Barça habrían perdido todos, no sólo el Real Madrid”.
Para Totti, los jugadores del Barcelona “fueron demoledores, corrieron menos que el Madrid e hicieron rodar el balón”. “En el Camp Nou he visto fútbol espectáculo, uno de los partidos más bonitos del mundo. Creo que es el mejor equipo de la historia”, añadió el delantero.
Preguntado por las cualidades del Barça, Totti destacó que el equipo cuenta con "grandes campeones como Xavi e Iniesta, que "hacen brillar al equipo, y con “un gran entrenador”. “Ganarán la Liga”, tiene claro el internacional italiano .
Las palabras de Totti se suman a una oleada de elogios a la actuación del Barcelona en la prensa italiana, que dedicó amplias secciones y titulares de portada a la victoria de los azulgrana.
Entre los más destacados, “La Gazzetta dello Sport” hizo un juego de palabras en la portada para ilustrar los comentarios -“Barça da urlo. Real Mouto!”- con el que sugería que ante un Barça “para gritarlo a los cuatro vientos”, el Real Madrid permaneció “mudo”.

Bulletti pointis paleasa